Jane Austen Spin-Off/Mash-Up Reading Circle in August at Book Club Forum

Austen In AugustI’ll be hosting the reading circle at Book Club Forum in August 2014.

The theme for August will be Jane Austen Spin-Offs/Mash-ups.

Basically, any book that features characters from any of Jane Austen’s six published novels, whether continuing the story as a sequel, a prequel, or retelling the same story from a different point of view or with a new perspective, or featuring Jane Austen herself as a main character, or involving the books themselves as a major plot point.

For reference, Jane Austen’s novels are as follows:

  • Sense and Sensibility

  • Pride and Prejudice

  • Mansfield Park

  • Emma

  • Northanger Abbey

  • Persuasion

The spin-offs/mash-ups can be of any kind; horror, suspense, mystery, satire, romance, comedy, whatever you can find!

The nominations poll is now open, and will remain so till 15th June, so if anyone would like to join in, please do go along to the forum, join, and make a nomination or two. Who knows, you book could be the one chosen!

Join the Book Club Forum HERE
Nominate a book for the reading circle HERE


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