BLOG TOUR: An interview with M J Rose

mj-roseAs part of the blog tour for The Collector of Dying Breaths, I asked the author, M J Rose, a few questions which she was kind enough to take time out of her very busy schedule to answer. Thank you, Ms Rose!

Kell: Throughout your Reincarnationist series, your characters visit various different time periods. Which, so far, has been your favourite, and why?
MJ: Ancient Egypt because it has always been my favorite period and the one I most wish personally I could go back in time and visit – the culture was so rich and mystical yet intelligent and innovative in so many ways.

Kell: There is so much detail about the art of creating perfume, both modern and ancient. What drew you to weaving that into a plot involving reincarnation?
MJ: When I was in advertising I worked on a perfume account for four years. I’d already loved wearing perfume but learning about how it is made and how much of an art it is drew me to it. I am fascinated by how evocative a scent can be and how it works on our memory – that was really what sold me on the idea – since when we talk about reincarnation we focus so much on remembering the past.

Kell: How long does it take you to research your novels, and do you enjoy that aspect of writing?
MJ: I do enjoy it tremendously – and it can take from six years to a few months.

Kell: How do you manage to keep track of the threads of the story in different time periods, and does that make it more difficult to write?
MJ: I made a lot of chart so its not difficult.

Kell: Can you tell us a little about any other forthcoming novels on which you’re working?
MJ: The Secret Witch of Rue Dragon will be out March 31 and takes place in 1894 in Paris and there’s no reincarnation in it:)

My thanks, again, to MJ Rose for taking time out of her busy schedule for this little interview!


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